What Men should do To Attract Women Online

We admit, women are very hard to understand 99% of the time. But, all women are the same when it comes to what they want in a man. Most of it doesn’t even fall under the physical aspects so it’s very easy to attract and win us. You don’t need hard black magic to swoon a good catch, you just have to do certain things in which, we women find attractive. This post is for the list of things that would help you get a lady who’s nice and would stay for the long run; especially those who have been indulge with the Eharmony membership costs.

1. Take Interest In Her
- Ask her a lot of questions and be attentive whenever she tells you something personal. Women love men who know how to listen and pay attention.

2. Be Polite/Chivalrous
- Nothing beats chivalry into a woman’s heart. When online, talk to her politely and never use the B word or anything insulting. Treat her right by treating her the way that you’d want your mom or you’re soon to be daughter to be treated.

3. Compliment her profile picture
Whenever you see her change her profile picture, notice what is good about it. Then tell her, like her new haircut or how pretty she is and how beautiful her smile is. A guy who pays attention with a profile picture can never go wrong in making a girl fall for her.

4. Don’t be too arrogant
- For us ladies, confidence is a very sexy thing, it means that you are comfortable with whom you are and that will makes us fall for you. But being arrogant like bragging and rubbing everything you’ve accomplished in our face will scratch you off in our list of possible guys to be with because we will always hear your “me me everything’s about me” attitude.

5. Share something embarrassing to us
- I’m not saying the bathroom incidents or something. But open up to her and be goofy if you feel like it around her because she will take note of how comfortable you are with her, and eventually she will open up to you too and share a part of herself to you.

6. Make us Feel That You Want to Talk to Us
- Seriously, this should be a given. If you act like you don’t care about us at all, or you’re not listening, then don’t even bother thinking about what can become of us. That’s selfish and rude and mean.

7. Make us Laugh
- Yes, we don’t need you to have abs, we just need you to make our days a little brighter when we are feeling down. Laughter is the best medicine any day, and laughter can also fix broken hearts. So never ever underestimate a funny one liner or a corny pick-up joke. Girls will just fall for you for even making an effort to make them laugh. And once you made them laugh, you already got her.


Love At First Sight

Is love at first sight really true? How come we hear people say that they fell in love at first sight? What made them realize it was love right at that moment?

It is innate in us to feel attracted to any individual whom we find interesting. And that certain attraction may lead us to fall deeply in love with them. Then, relationships may start.

Love is something very difficult to explain, it involves emotions that are too complicated to be given a concrete scientific reason. It is the last stage in attraction. It is the stage when a person has completely decided that there is someone whom he wants to spend the rest of his life with. And that he must do something about it.

For some people, they fall in love with their friends whom they have known for a long period of time. Others fall in love after going out for a time. And some, as they say, fall in love at first sight.

Saying that you knew that the person is the right one for you after seeing him or her once may raise other people’s eyebrows – some mutual reactions when you say how to get your ex girlfriend back. They might ask you if you are sure about it. They might wonder why you say such thing when you do not even know the person too well. Does the word “love” really fit the way you feel after a first encounter? Some may say that you might be attracted to that person but it is not yet love. Maybe, his or her physical characteristics fit your standards and ideals but it does not mean that his or her personality may fit too. Probably after meeting him or her once, you might not be able to sleep and keep on thinking about everything. And then when you have another chance of seeing one another, you might be turned off by his or her attitude or beliefs. You might realize that you are not compatible with each other and you just wasted your time thinking that the other person might be the one that is destined to be with you for the rest of your life.

This is why it is important to know the person very well first before deciding or concluding that you are in love. When you know that you can make the other person happy and that he or she can make you happy, then you may say that your level of liking has advanced. The word love at love at first sight does not carry the meaning of love. It is not different from a simple crush or admiration. A person only falls in love when he can accept another person completely, from her physical appearance, her humor, her beliefs and her total personality.People must be realistic. Life is neither a fairy tale nor a romantic movie, even if we want the sweet scenes to happen in our lives, it just does not work out that way. But let us not lose hope. Someone out there is also waiting for you to find and wants to have a happily ever after ending with you.


The Joy Of Music

At an early age, we are already exposed to music unknowingly like at blink 182 merch. Some were even introduced to music when they were still inside their mother’s womb because some of our mothers would listen to music to calm their minds and interact with their babies. When we were young, we learned to dance to upbeat songs during family gatherings and other social conventions. We learned to tap our fingers whenever we hear music playing on the radio. We were aware of the huge role and the importance of music during celebrations, that it keeps the event alive and it is a way to avoid letting guests feel bored. We obviously appreciated music.

As we reach out teenage years, our curiosity is building up. We want to learn how to play the piano, we want to try to hold and play the guitar, we want to be part of the orchestra or the drum and lyre group in our respective schools, and anything that involves music, and we want to learn them. Of course, it is not true for everyone because we all have different aspirations in life, but that does not mean that we are on opposite perspective as well. It is just that some people would rather listen to talented musicians because they are not confident to play instruments on their own.

Among the curious teenagers, there are some who are extremely talented and they really make it to the music industry as singers, songwriters, musical scorer and the like. It is just amazing that what was once just a plain curiosity and a hobby became a passion and eventually their work. It is nice to know that there are people who earn a living by doing what they do best and what they love most. It is like not working at all. These people can be compared to the famous basketball player Michael Jordan who once said that he never worked a day in his life. Just to expound what he was trying to say, earning millions of dollars by playing basketball is something that he loves to do and does not consider it work, it is his life and his passion. We should give our hats off to the musicians who, like Michael Jordan, never felt working a day in their lives. These people have found their missions in life and that is, to entertain others while entertaining themselves as well by doing what they love to do most. That is the joy of music; it does not only affect those who listen to it, but also the people behind it. We have the singers who sing their hearts out during performances to entertain their audience, and the songwriters, who exert a lot of time, and effort in order to make good music. The music industry will not fall anytime soon because of these great people and the millions of people who enjoy listening to great music. Music is a universal culture, everyone can relate to it. Everyone can feel it.