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Don’t waste your time with pretenders!

Have you been looking at sites that promise ‘guaranteed’ success with ‘any’ girl? Run away now! They’re selling you their method, and that’s great for them- but they’re telling you lies.

And if you’ve looked for information on how to attract women on sites that start talking about hypnotic skills, or being an alpha male, or anything else that makes out like mind control is possible, run away even further. They’re an easy way to make yourself look like a grade A jerk, if that’s what you wanted- but they’re not how to get a girlfriend, that’s for sure.

So why is How-to-get-a-girlfriend.co.uk different?

It’s different, because it offers you quality advice, not some fake-and-phony ‘strategy’. Do you believe you’re an individual? So do they. You’re an individual with your own tastes, and so are the women you want information on how to attract! Cheesy pickup lines and hypnosis aren’t going to get you anything but kicked to the curb. Here, you’ll find real world tips on where to meet girls, how to make the first date work for you, and even how to think about getting more serious.

Remember to think about yourself and what you want.

Before you even go looking for information on how to attract women, though, remember to get very familiar with yourself and what you want. It’s important to meet a woman whose goals match with your own- whether that’s just casual, or something more serious. No one has to be something else just because a person wants them to- that goes for you and your partner both. No one should feel pressured in a relationship.

Ok- so now what?

It can be difficult to meet people nowadays, of course. No amount How to attract women information is going to help you if you never actually meet a woman to attract, after all! Loose the ‘bar and night club’ mentality. Most women find men who try pickups in clubs sleazy. Those who don’t probably only want a one time thing.

Remember that women are people too- and you meet people everywhere. Get talking! Jumping into the dating game isn’t about suave pick-up lines [fact: most people think they're just cheesy] and mind bending techniques. It’s about finding people you share interests with, and whose personality matches your own [personality does matter- you don't want to be dating a secret serial killer, do you?].

Getting a grip on the dating game is a whole lot easier when you remember that the people you’re trying to hook up with are just normal people like you- with their own tastes, needs, wants and interests. Being an attentive listener and simple enjoying people’s company are some of the best ways to get that perfect relationship.

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Some Possible Reasons Why A Lot Of People Find Marriage To Be Complicated

When talking to some of your friends and acquaintances about their personal lives, it should be common for you to hear from a majority of your male friends about how fearful and doubtful they can be when it comes to serious and committed relationships, especially the concept of love and marriage. It seems as if they just do not want to commit romantically to only a single woman in their life. Your women friends may also have their own fair share of problems and issues and relationships, but it tends to be quite different from what men usually experience and share. While a lot of men are afraid of commitment, a majority of women actually embrace it, but they also usually report a lot of stress and dissatisfaction from their marriage. It is reality that a lot of men experience these types of feelings too, but they are usually not too vocal about these issues.

There are a lot of possible factors that can be linked to why a lot of people find serious romantic relationships to be very difficult to handle and go through, and some of these possibilities will be discussed below.

Probably the biggest reason why a lot of people are having difficulty with such relationships is due to the fact that they are most often based on emotions or feelings. People usually enter into such types of relationships because they feel love for a person, and since feelings are undoubtedly volatile, the relationship can turn sour every now and then as it is reality that a person will not feel love for his or her partners at all times. There are also situations where a person may enter into a relationship for reasons other than love, which can further complicate matters and result in persons getting hurt emotionally.

Another possible reason could be that people were not prepared for the responsibilities of getting into a committed relationship like a marriage. While some may argue that nobody can be prepared enough for the troubles that will inevitably come during a marriage, but it is possible that some people are just not strong enough to remain steadfast and faithful to themselves, their partner and their relationship that it already falls apart before they even try to exert true efforts in order to keep the relationship alive. It is also possible that some individuals are just not ready to take responsibility for other people and their personal problems and issues, as these individuals have been accustomed to watching only over themselves.

If you are currently in a married relationship and you are having some problems that you feel are quite difficult to iron out, or maybe you are contemplating to settle down and get married but you are fearful of what this big life decision can change in your life then you will surely want to take in as much advice and information as you can and read up on experiences that other married couples may have in order to better prepare you for what is ahead in terms of keeping the marriage happy and how to solve issues.

If your preferred source of information is the internet then uplifting-love.com is the website to visit. It has lots of couple experiences, inspirational messages and advice that you will surely find to be useful for a successful and healthy marriage.

Ways In Order For You To Find A Great And Intimate Relationship

If you always feel lonely and down, then it surely will have a huge negative impact in your life. Such feelings can actually make you feel miserable, make you unproductive as well as make you look at life in a negative light. If you want to stop these feelings of loneliness and helplessness, it would probably be a great time for you to look for a relationship. It may not have to be romantic at first, but finding someone who you will be able to share your life with is definitely a great feeling that will surely lift your spirits and make you a better and more successful person.

If you have been out of the dating game for some time, you most likely feel apprehensive about finding a date or looking for a great friend outside of your social circle. Here are some ways that you can employ in order for you to find a great person who you can be great friends with, or maybe start a strong and committed relationship with.

First is that you will have to go out more, in places where there are a lot of people. Nothing beats the good old method of putting yourself out in the open and making yourself available to meet or talk to people who you might not even know. This can be very hard to do for some, but letting go of the negativity and reservations and taking steps in order to meet people in public occasions or establishments will surely enhance your personality and further increase the chances of you getting to meet great people.

If you have a close circle of friends, then you will want to tag along with them on as many trips, parties, days out or chill time that they may have. It is possible that your friends have their own set of friends that may come along with your group on one of your trip and days out. This can be quite helpful in helping you meet new people, and the fact that they are already friends with your own friends will make the meeting and initial getting to know phase a whole lot easier for you and for the new people that you are interested in.

This next advice may come off as something of a left field statement, but one great way for you to get to know and eventually meet people is to go online dating. You will be surprised at how many people are also actually looking for love or some sort of relationship like you are, and online dating is a rather convenient way in order to improve your social skills and circles.

If you are looking for the best online dating site available today, Match.com Subscription Prices is definitely the one to visit. Not only is it the longest running and most widely used online dating website to date, but it also has the some of the most reasonable subscription prices so you will be able to enjoy the website without burning a hole in your pockets.

Why Does Your Partner Gets Loose On Track?

We often refer marriage as a commitment. Well, in fact it is. A life within a marriage as they say is full of trials and troubles, but fixing is always the best way to keep the relationship working. Sometimes, couples do not take time to realize if the relationship will work or not. They just rush everything and end up miserable, where as to the couples that takes time to know each other whether or not they can be compatible to commit to a long term relationship, then marrying is the best option.

Why do husbands cheat to their wives? What are the possible reasons why they do such? Some say that they are unsatisfied with their married life. Their wives do not or cannot give them the level of satisfaction they need as a husband or even just being a man. For example, they have a poor sex life and their wives lack intimacy with them or being too much busy with anything, which in fact affects their manly ego and self-esteem that eventually falls into cheating. In some cases, husbands cheat because they feel like they need to boost their ego especially when they have low self-esteem and/or he is less successful or earns less money than his wife. They think it is the best way to prove their manhood, and entitle themselves as manly and view it as a status symbol that they could afford to have a mistress.

Curiosity and peer pressure can be a factor for cheating. Maybe because they get influenced by the people that actually cheat to their spouse that he regularly meets. For example, the husbands’ work place, these people that he works with everyday talks openly about their ‘cheating’, and then the husband got curios about how it feels like to have sex with other women. And some might also have poor male role models, if his father, uncles and other male role models cheated, he may be subconsciously follow their examples later in his life. Others do it to have revenge to their wives or to just end their relationship because they actually love the other woman. Some other husbands do it just to feel the excitement and the thrill of not being caught.

Now, to answer the question why wives cheat? They have fairly the same reasons as to why men do it. They feel unsatisfied with their husbands because of their lack of intimacy, some reasons states that they don’t get enough sex which results to having a low self-esteem and getting the feeling of negligence, ignored and underappreciated. And they also cheat as revenge, whether it is because the husband cheated first or just simply because doing it as a payback for the past wrongs. Instead of breaking up with her husband, she cheats on him to make her revenge. In that way, women think having an affair is an easy way out – or at least that’s how she sees it.

Women are naturally emotional beings. They need not just physical but also emotional support. They need regular communication, she needs to know that she is loved and understood. Once you fail to provide her needs, it may cause her to see it as a sign that the relationship is failing, even though men have no intentions of doing such. That’s why relationships should not be rushed to avoid these kinds of situations in a married life.

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Some Of The Top 80S Fashion Examples To Get You Looking Bodacious

80s fashion examples are just one of those things that will always be remembered, it contrasts todays style of overly drab black or white or shades in between because the 80s were more about making statements of excitement and color. Many women today are trying to find a version of 80s style that works for them in their own unique way but when looking for an 80s look you should beware not to overdo it and just look like a clown, If you find an 80s wardrobe tutorial take it with a pinch of salt because these videos are often inspired by competitions and the models tend to go overboard in hopes of gaining attention for a good spot in the competition, this usually works but is not going to work for your every other night at the club, you should try and merge some of todays styles with some of the things done in the 80s but not all of them, Lets go though some of the best examples.

If you come from the 80s era try and remember some of the most prominent things of the time, perhaps your mom can help you to find exactly what you are looking for. Remember, the 80s were all about being loud and proud, Make up would tend to have various shades of blue and pink and hair was always massive and loaded with hairspray. Color too was very important and often a woman would were their favourite colors all the time. Shoulder pads also had their years of popularity, but many experts agree that this is because women were expressing their power in the workplace in a big way at this time and it translated in woman wanting to look more powerful by increasing the size of their shoulders. Now women prefer to look feminine so the shoulderpads are out but there are still many great styles from the 80s to draw from.

Bright electric colors are the thing to go for here, polkadots or stars are also great, many bracelets and accessories too, even accessories that don’t match are great for an 80s style. If you have an 80s party it is always hilarious to see the parents saying “We didn’t dress like this in the 80s” and all the girls are wearing corsets, at least they sometime get the make up right. Oh yes make up is important, remember to use those blues and pinks and rose up those cheeks. In the 80s a lot more make-up was used then what is normally seen today and the main difference is the color of the make-up commonly used.

Remember to also get hold of some neon leg warmers and spandex tights, the mini-skirt is a must when going for an 80s look and also don’t forget the oversized t-shirt to top it all off. Ok so checklist time. Big hair, brightly colored eye and face make-up, appropriate 80s top worn off the shoulder with a second appropriate 80s to over or under it. Mini skirt, tights, leg warmers, Bedazzled shoes. You are 80s and ready to go.


Spread The Disease To North America!

Are you scouring the net for the latest Steel Panther tour dates? You’d better be, if you’re a “Fanther” worth their salt, because your favourite band is back on the road! For a band that seems set on world domination- judging by rapid spread of their global popularity- you can’t possibly miss their home-side leg of their 2014 tour- so make sure you diarise these dates and book those tickets today.

Steel Panther Tour dates: North America: May 2014

3 — Seattle, Wash. @ The Showbox

4 — Portland, Ore. @ Crystal Ballroom

7 — Denver, Colo. @ Ogden Theatre

8 — Wichita, Kan. @ Cotillion

10 — Oklahoma City, Okla. @ Diamond Ballroom

11 — Houston, Texas @ House of Blues

13 — Orlando, Fla. @ House of Blues

15 — N. Myrtle Beach, Fla. @ House of Blues

16 — Silver Spring, Md. @ Fillmore

17 — Philadelphia, Pa. @ Theatre of Living Arts

18 — Sayreville, N.J. @ Starland Ballroom

20 — Montreal, Quebec @ Metropolis

21 — Boston, Mass. @ House of Blues

23 — Hampton Beach, N.H. @ Hampton Beach Casino

24 — Portland, Maine @ The Asylum

26 — Toronto, Ontario @ Sound Academy

27 — New York, N.Y. @ Irving Plaza

28 — Pittsburgh, Pa. @ Stage AE

29 — Cleveland, Ohio @ House of Blues

31 — Kansas City, Mo. @ Rockfest

And don’t miss the 1 June concert in Dallas, Texas @ Gexa Energy Pavilion!

Like any big cat worth their salt, Steel Panther’s music goes for your jugular and doesn’t let go, dragging you kicking, screaming [and enjoying every second] back into the 80’s heyday of heavy metal. The band members themselves may be larger than life, but for the band harmony on the creative journey is a massive turn on. The band love the synergy between the four of them that enable them to complement each other rather than working against each other- and that synergy can be held responsible for [or should we say can be blamed for] their latest monster offerings, like “Pussywhipped”, the headliner off their latest album “All you can eat”. The entire “All you can Eat” album hit the shelves on April the first 2014 [no, that’s not an April fools gag]. Among the steaming, screaming metal offerings on the album, the artful “Gangbang at the Old Folk’s home” a special guest guitar solo performance from another of the other leading big cats-none other than Vivian Campbell of Def Leppard fame, natch.

The latest Steel Panther global tour for was tastefully named ‘Spreading the Disease’- also fondly known as S.T.D- a great choice for a band whose music is about as insidious as one of those namesakes; and whilst they’ve stuck with the album name for this one, it’s still bound to be oozing into a venue near you any day now. So don’t be safe and square- get out there and spread the disease today. Check out these handy Steel Panther tour dates for the show closest to you- and “Party like Tomorrow is the end of the World”. You’re a “Fanther”, after all- aren’t you?


What Men should do To Attract Women Online

We admit, women are very hard to understand 99% of the time. But, all women are the same when it comes to what they want in a man. Most of it doesn’t even fall under the physical aspects so it’s very easy to attract and win us. You don’t need hard black magic to swoon a good catch, you just have to do certain things in which, we women find attractive. This post is for the list of things that would help you get a lady who’s nice and would stay for the long run; especially those who have been indulge with the Eharmony membership costs.

1. Take Interest In Her
- Ask her a lot of questions and be attentive whenever she tells you something personal. Women love men who know how to listen and pay attention.

2. Be Polite/Chivalrous
- Nothing beats chivalry into a woman’s heart. When online, talk to her politely and never use the B word or anything insulting. Treat her right by treating her the way that you’d want your mom or you’re soon to be daughter to be treated.

3. Compliment her profile picture
Whenever you see her change her profile picture, notice what is good about it. Then tell her, like her new haircut or how pretty she is and how beautiful her smile is. A guy who pays attention with a profile picture can never go wrong in making a girl fall for her.

4. Don’t be too arrogant
- For us ladies, confidence is a very sexy thing, it means that you are comfortable with whom you are and that will makes us fall for you. But being arrogant like bragging and rubbing everything you’ve accomplished in our face will scratch you off in our list of possible guys to be with because we will always hear your “me me everything’s about me” attitude.

5. Share something embarrassing to us
- I’m not saying the bathroom incidents or something. But open up to her and be goofy if you feel like it around her because she will take note of how comfortable you are with her, and eventually she will open up to you too and share a part of herself to you.

6. Make us Feel That You Want to Talk to Us
- Seriously, this should be a given. If you act like you don’t care about us at all, or you’re not listening, then don’t even bother thinking about what can become of us. That’s selfish and rude and mean.

7. Make us Laugh
- Yes, we don’t need you to have abs, we just need you to make our days a little brighter when we are feeling down. Laughter is the best medicine any day, and laughter can also fix broken hearts. So never ever underestimate a funny one liner or a corny pick-up joke. Girls will just fall for you for even making an effort to make them laugh. And once you made them laugh, you already got her.


The Joy Of Music

At an early age, we are already exposed to music unknowingly like at blink 182 merch. Some were even introduced to music when they were still inside their mother’s womb because some of our mothers would listen to music to calm their minds and interact with their babies. When we were young, we learned to dance to upbeat songs during family gatherings and other social conventions. We learned to tap our fingers whenever we hear music playing on the radio. We were aware of the huge role and the importance of music during celebrations, that it keeps the event alive and it is a way to avoid letting guests feel bored. We obviously appreciated music.

As we reach out teenage years, our curiosity is building up. We want to learn how to play the piano, we want to try to hold and play the guitar, we want to be part of the orchestra or the drum and lyre group in our respective schools, and anything that involves music, and we want to learn them. Of course, it is not true for everyone because we all have different aspirations in life, but that does not mean that we are on opposite perspective as well. It is just that some people would rather listen to talented musicians because they are not confident to play instruments on their own.

Among the curious teenagers, there are some who are extremely talented and they really make it to the music industry as singers, songwriters, musical scorer and the like. It is just amazing that what was once just a plain curiosity and a hobby became a passion and eventually their work. It is nice to know that there are people who earn a living by doing what they do best and what they love most. It is like not working at all. These people can be compared to the famous basketball player Michael Jordan who once said that he never worked a day in his life. Just to expound what he was trying to say, earning millions of dollars by playing basketball is something that he loves to do and does not consider it work, it is his life and his passion. We should give our hats off to the musicians who, like Michael Jordan, never felt working a day in their lives. These people have found their missions in life and that is, to entertain others while entertaining themselves as well by doing what they love to do most. That is the joy of music; it does not only affect those who listen to it, but also the people behind it. We have the singers who sing their hearts out during performances to entertain their audience, and the songwriters, who exert a lot of time, and effort in order to make good music. The music industry will not fall anytime soon because of these great people and the millions of people who enjoy listening to great music. Music is a universal culture, everyone can relate to it. Everyone can feel it.